Additional Solutions

The possible solutions mentioned above are nothing else but additional, complementary services offered by us to provide you with extra possibilities and flexibility of the whole software development process, as well as to ensure that ready software will meet your business standards. You can order specified solutions while creating a new custom software development request and while checking your initial project quotation as well.

  • Fast Project Turnaround

    Fast Project Turnaround

    We will engage additional resources and specialists to work on your project so it will be finished and delivered to you 2x faster. Simple as that.

  • Hire Our Developer

    Hire Our Developer

    Your project will be charged hourly. You will be able to manage developer/s work directly so you can prepare your own To-Do tasks list. Our Development Team Manager will assist you if your goals are out of your expertise. An excellent solution if you do not want to spend your time on discussing projects with our advisors, waiting for quotations or you simply need a professional developer’s assistance to handle multiple system improvements and fixes in your business. Hire our developer/s and get things done!

  • Official Software (For Enterprise)

    Official Software (For Enterprise)

    We can design and develop your own software, which you can make available to your resellers and customers. Such a software will have to pass more advanced QA and it will be prepared specifically to be used in many different environments by your resellers and customers.

  • Documentation (For Enterprise)

    Documentation (For Enterprise)

    For Official Software, we will prepare for you a well-organized documentation of created software in any format you require (e.g. PDF or Wiki).

  • Extended License Agreement

    Extended License Agreement

    You will be granted with full property rights to the software we created for you, together with permission to modify and distribute it without any limitations.

  • Custom Deployment

    Custom Deployment

    Once BETA Phase is complete, our team will handle all the preparations and make the necessary backups for you. Then, we will implement, configure and test the software directly in your production environment. You are good to go now!

  • SLA/Ongoing Support

    SLA/Ongoing Support

    If a solution that we will create for you is a mission critical or you simply require much faster support, we can assign to your project our experts from L1 and L2 technical support to take care of any issues on the fly and let you forget about the troubles. The service can cover both problems on your end or those experienced by your customers. Usually, it is a monthly plan charged per hour. We can also assign a dedicated specialist or a developer just at your disposal for a specified number of hours per day.

  • Extended Guarantee

    Extended Guarantee

    Select this option and sleep peacefully because your project will be protected by an additional guarantee. Such a guarantee covers compatibility problems after updates of your environment even after the project has been finished and deployed already. We will adapt your software to the latest versions of your environment and make sure it remains operational.

  • Standard Quality Assurance

    Standard Quality Assurance

    We will conduct for you additional testing performed by our dedicated Quality Assurance Team including, but not limited to, compatibility tests, usability verification, data validation as well as verification of installation and migration.

  • Advanced Quality Assurance

    Advanced Quality Assurance

    We will perform for you highly detailed testing according to your requirements, including, but not limited to, checking security issues, stress testing, code optimization and searching for vulnerabilities.

  • Extended Verification Time

    Extended Verification Time

    You will be given twice as much time to test and verify your project. In that very time our team will answer all your questions and help you eliminate any issues with the highest priority.

  • Software Marketing

    Software Marketing

    We will help to market your software and reach potential customers through sending a newsletter to target audience associated with the industry, advertising your software on leading social networks and forums or even adding the software to our official marketplace.